Looking for rebuilt Honda CB 100/125 single engine


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Hello and greetings,

I'm looking to purchase a rebuilt 1970's to 1980's era Honda CB125/100 complete motor. My motor is completely shot and not worthwhile to rebuild (too many cracks in casings and all seals and most bearings gone). I've got a beautifully rebuilt rolling chassis missing a heart!

Can anyone here direct me to a reputable shop or individual that might be able to assist? Location not terribly important as I'm in Bermuda. Would even consider bolt on honda clones from China at this stage but am looking really for an upgrade to stock....much better oil pump, clutch, stroked, hotter cam and valve job.

Thanking you in advance.


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I doubt you'll be able to find a professionally rebuilt CB125 motor that's ready to go and waiting for a new home. You may be able to find a donor bike with a running motor that you can plug into yours, but from my experience the 100/125s aren't very common.

May be worth looking into the Lifan 125cc or 200cc. I believe there are some people on here who have put the 200 into 125 frames.



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Thank you very much for the link. I am hesitant to buy a 40 year old motor sight unseen as even in running condition at best I will have a fairly tired engine.

I was actually hopping that someone could point me in the direction of a shop or individual that would rebuild a donor motor with new bearings/seals/upgraded oil pump/balanced stroked crank/hotter cam/larger valves and ported head.

That would be far quicker/cheaper/easier than me attempting to source all the parts online and rebuild myself, particularly from where I'm located.

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