Looking for rider/builders.


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So I am doing my first cafeish build and was wondering if there is any one in my neck of the woods? Anyone in the Redmond/Bend area on here? Let me know.
Quite a few of us in the Willamette Valley and especially the PDX area, but I'm not sure we have anyone east of the Cascades.
I'm pretty sure Tweakin is in Seattle. He has some of the cleanest cafe builds I've seen around. I'm here in Seattle, but I wouldn't call myself a builder. My bike's still in pieces.
There's a couple of us east of the Cascades. Not a lot though.Too many people still into 300mm rear tires around here
I know you PM'd me, but I'm in redmond. I almost bought a bike from a dude the other day in Bend who at least knew about DTT.
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