Lots of CB360 parts for sale


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Hey guys, new here but a regular at the honda twins forum. I've got a lot of parts from my CB360 build. They're all buy it now or best offer. I'll consider any reasonable offer!!!

Seat Pan with new cover and Trim:
Seat Pan for Honda CB 360 with New Cover and Trim | eBay

Honda CB360 Chorome Luggage Rack:
Honda CB360 Luggage Rack Chrome Excellent Condition Motorcycle | eBay

MAC Chrome Slip-On Kick up Megaphone mufflers:
Mac Chrome Slip on Kick Up Megaphone Mufflers for Honda CB360 | eBay

Honda CB360 Exhaust header pipes:
Honda CB360 CB 360 Exhaust Header Pipes | eBay

Honda CB360 Side Covers NO CRACKS:
Honda CB360 Side Covers No Cracks | eBay

Honda CB 360 side covers:
Honda CB360 Side Covers | eBay

Head light and bucket:
1975 Honda CB360T CB360 Headlight Bucket and Lens Light Head | eBay

Tail Light with mount:
1975 Honda CB360T CB360 Tail Light | eBay

Front Turn Signals:
Honda Turn Signal Front CB 360 | eBay

Rear Turn Signals:
Honda Turn Signal Rear CB360 | eBay

Honda Mirrors OEM:
75 Honda CB360 CB 360 Mirrors Left Right Side View | eBay

Center Stand:
1975 Honda CB360 Center Stand | eBay

Cam Chain:
1974 Honda CB360 CB 360 HM651 Engine Cam Timing Chain | eBay

Cylinder Studs:
1975 Honda CB360 CL 360 Cylinder Head Stud Bolt Set | eBay

Airbox Assembly with filters etc:
1975 Honda CB360 CB CL 360 CL360 Air Filter Box Parts Assembly | eBay

Slipper Tensioner:
Honda CB360 Cam Chain Tension Slipper 14520 323 000 | eBay

Clutch plates and springs:
75 Honda CB 360 CB360 Clutch Springs and Plates Friction Discs | eBay
just a heads up for the most part the shipping you have showing on almost all this stuff is insanely high, gonna scare off buyers
the larger stuff ship it fedex with the calculated shipping
Hey thanks for the heads up. I had a lot of them on priority mail which is definitely not cheapest. I changed them all to economy shipping so hopefully the shipping rates are reasonable. I'm more than willing to ship whatever service you guys prefer.
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