Lowering Pitted Forks


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It's a pretty silly question as I already know the answer but....looking to lower the front on my 81 xv750. Took the forks off over the weekend to remove previous owners paint job.
The section of the stanchion the travels through the oil seal is in good condition but the section above that doesn't get lubricated has putting. I assume cutting the springs down and lowering the forks by 2inches will lower the pitted area which will then be travelling up/down through oil seal which will never be able to seal correctly and it will chew through the oil seal after a few hours riding.
Is my assumption correct?
Not sure about the chewing up part, but even small grains of dirt will break the seal. It’s about a good, continuous contact with the smooth metal.
If you are cutting the spring and slipping the tubes up in the trees, you may stiffen the ride a little, but probably really reduce travel. If adding a spacer to make up for the removed spring, you will be back to using the same area on the tubes. But, you have to make sure that either doesn't lead to coil-binding. Just slipping the tubes up a little in the trees should not change where the seals run or reduce travel. But it would be best to calculate what that does to rake/trail and ground clearance. There are online calculators for that.
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