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I’ve had this bike for a little but just getting it going.

Stator is good.

It’s getting a nice spark, hard to start, idles, and then dies.

Re cleaning the VM36 tomorrow. I’m hoping the float needle/jet is the issue. Only thing I didn’t change out.

3.0 slide this should be a 2.5 according to cxman.
25 pilot
2.0 air jet
220 main
6DH3 clip two up from bottom.
The bike won’t start with the mix screw turned out 1.75 but I’m thinking the carb needs a going over again. K&N RU1760 filter and a kerker w/4 discs

I do have a stock vm34ss with all new diaphragms but it’s a pain in the ass to to deal with. I’ll probably sell it for new seat money.

I checked the valve clearances, stator (results available if anyone cares)and spark is there it does start and idle every four or five thousand kicks.



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Did a little work, trying to see if I can make the stock seat pan work.

got the carb fixed and working on idle, I have a 25 pilot in now and I have it about a .75 of a turn out.

I will be testing out tomorrow to see if it still starts on first kick like it did this afternoon.

front fender could use some feedback, I was thinking matching front and rear fenders.

the ignition switch isnt working to turn the bike off so i need to sort that out.

Needle clip is 2 down from the top i had the clip position wrong b4.



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Having carb issues.


The air screw is turned all the way in the idle is turned all the way in and it’s running...

Messed with the seat until I figure out what to do with the carb jets/settings

I added upholstery strips all around and glued the foam back down I’ll shave the sides tonight to make it less wide and then try out stretching the old cover back on. It looks like it will be decent and I’m hoping to save a buck until I can pick up a brand new seat.



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On a VM series carb closing the air screw limits air so it makes things richer. Out = more air = leaner. In = less air = richer. You would need to change to a larger pilot jet if that's your situation.


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My uploads from phone dont work...

played with the seat some more added a fender and tail light

still need to wire the tail light

I managed to fix the kill switch and the ignition switch

I pulled the vm 36 and the leg was broken off so i need to get a new vm36 carb body.

I put the stock carb on and its running pretty well after tightening the carb boot and sealing an air leak that was causing the thing to surge and stay at high idle.

I moved the needle clip all the way to the top position leaning it out and it feels good going through the gears

I need to go over a few more things before I can do some plug chops like the tail light wiring

The fender is temporary, I am thinking of putting a matching rear fender as the front chrome one.

any thoughts on side covers, I have some paint that should match the tank

the turning feels tight not sure if its bearings or over tightened

re routed some of the wiring and brake lines but im going to need a swivel An-3 banjo fitting

video is pre tightening of the carb boot


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