Luugo's upstart-- Need Sourcing


'73 CB350, '78 XS650 Cafe Killer
Whats up my PA riding brethren. Im currently building a 73 CB350SS... I will start the build thread soon.
What I am in need of is places that will do cylinder honing, valve lapping, bead-blasting for engine cleaning.. cyl head port/polish work... That sort of stuff.. Would be greatly appreciated.. Also.. I have my engine out of the frame, but am at a shitty spot where 6 of the 8 bolts that hold the timing mechanism housing and the tacho housing to either side of the head are stripped to sll hell was like that when I got it... Does anyone have any advice that WONT fuck up my head or a machine shop/similar place that could help me with this issue... its holding up my entire engine tear down lol.... Thanks Brothers... Hope to Riding with you soon!


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