made some tanks this week


I make things.
they're shiny


Awesome looking Sean! I'm hoping to be driving down your way in the next 2-3 weeks - Kiley is hopefully going to be shipping my BMW bodywork to the UPS store in Niagara Falls and I figured I should come collect those boxes you've been tripping over :p Sorry it's taken so long to sort that out. I'll shoot you an email to sort it out.
actually it's only about 5 deep right now, when March comes around, everyone orders a tank, so I'm working my pants off until late June then it slows down again
yup... it's the plight of the business, customers want a non-generic tank that bolts on to their individual bike, but usually order all at the same time and need it asap :) if I could figure out a way to have people order like, a tank every couple weeks all through the year instead of all bunched up in spring, it'd be golden
Wow, are those beautiful. VERY nice work! I wish I had an aluminum welding setup and master it. Just couldn't get the hang of it when I had the chance and tried.
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