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My wife has been yearning for a while now for something bigger than herself. She was driving down the road and saw a big sign tucked back in the woods that said "get involved with something greater than yourself." Close enough!

My wife and I are raising money for Make-A-Wish by fundraising for a 28 mile hike we are going to finish in one day...

If you're not familiar, this foundation literally grants wishes for children with life-threatening conditions. It could be meeting a Ninja Turtle, or going to Disney, or riding a motorcycle!!

They've done studies that show emotional, spiritual and physiological improvements in children after these experiences. In many cases the experience simply lifts their spirits and makes them accept treatment more readily. We all know the power of the mind over the body.

My wife and I have found a passion through this experience, and we have been blessed already by the conversations we have had with people, with donations we've already received and by hearing the stories of "Wish-Kids."

If you have it in you to donate, I'll place our donation page below. What's cool about this is that it goes to the local chapter of Make-A-Wish, so you could literally be making a wish come true for your neighbor, or someone you pass in the store.

I'm appreciative for all of you on this forum and thanks for looking!

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