May 10, 2014


Coast to Coast
May 10 choppahead moto show
as seen on instagram:

these silly bikes will probably be there, amongst a great many more.

I would love to see a big cafe turn out
The forecast 60% chance of thunderstorms has me pretty bummed... If the weather shows a break, I'm all over this though! Any idea if any of the interesting people/bikes/displays/vendors will be hanging around for Sunday?
Rockers CT said:
Well how was it

Got a little wet on the way in and a lot wet on the way home. The free tour of the vanson factory was the best tour I've been on that I can remember and henceforth shall only purchase vanson leather. Smallish turnout, but quality bikes all around. Free food and free beer all day - definitely a worthwhile event.
Please excuse the instagramness. I don't have a camera.

I was pretty drunk when I snapped this picture of the factory:

walt seigl came by with his amazing Puma bike (that i neglected to take a pic of till her was leaving):

this Indian won judges choice:

Choppahead is now proud to sell 100% made in USA product (switched over on our Ts):

Santoro's idiot bike was ignorant as ever:

FTF had some creative projects:
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