Metro Detroit Cafe Racers


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This site has drawn me back into the fold! Time to bring out the cafe bike after a 3 year garage hiatus!

When I started putting my bike together back in 2006/2007, I couldn't find anyone in Metro Detroit to hang, ride, or wrench with. There was a FB page for MI cafe racers but it has since disappeared...

I just started this page. Join up and lets get working and riding this summer!
My bikes not technically a cafe, but I liked the page :)
Liked the page. working on my first bike ever. Have a 1973 honda (cb or cl) 350. Cant wait to get it running. once that is done i'll be working on a new frame for a complete overhaul into a REAL cafe.

I'll get a few buddies to hop on there. Trying to finish up two CJ360's, so maybe by the end of may I can attend something.

I'm down for some good burgers anywhere, royal oak/rochester hills/lake orion

Somebody want to try to put together a date and place?
Grew up in Livonia, Got stationed in germany five years ago, i dont know if I'm ever coming home but i hope you guys get togather and ride out. I'de love to see pics of home/ custom cafe bikes. Good luck gents

"liked" the FB page
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