modern reg/rec on cb360


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Ok so heres the scenario...........
1975 cb360 and I have a reg/rec unit off of a 2011 zx6r. The modern unit has six total connectors 3grey and 3black.

any help with how to wire this thing in would be awesome.

thanks all


Those colors don't match up with the ZX6R wiring diagram.

Diagram says 3 whites connect to the alternator, black/yellow to ground, green to your headlight switch for high beams, and the last white (which should be sitting by itself away from the other three) goes to battery.


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I don't have the harness just the unit so I was going off the colors of the females.

Thanks sonreir.


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You need bike wiring diagram, the block connectors are not related to the wire colours
wire harness plugs with 'pigtails' would be even better


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You'd be better off using a simpler RR like this:

Yellow and white wire from stator connects to one RR yellow wire and pink from stator to the other RR yellow wire. Black goes to battery neg and red goes to battery pos.

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