mojave gas tanks.....

A couple years ago a large stock (200 plus from what I hear) of NOS Mojave tanks was found and hit the market.

As we all know, these builds take some time, I assume that is why so many of them are popping up now.

They were not well protected and very prone to rust. My bet is that in a few years they won't be so common and will likely be high dollar.
JohnGoFast said:
My bet is that in a few years they won't be so common and will likely be high dollar.

They are getting that way now. Honestly I wished I had got one when they were dirt cheap. Yeah so what, you see a lot of builds with them on the internet, but how many bikes have you seen with one of these tanks rolling around your neighborhood?
Ok, I dont normaly get involved in this type of thread, but excuse the cap locks, grammer or spelling ( me no spell good). But I see both sides of this, there is a flock of people who decide they can build a cafe racer, go drop 2 gs at benji ( not knokin him) and call it a day. That sucks because I AM POOR!!!! But on the other side we are all doing something essentialy borowed, just in differant ways. Its not the tank its how you use it! As our BOTM show (nice work) Just a cool bike, not ALL of the rack neuvow cafe stuff, cust a cool differant take. My 2 cents
+1 We are all just doing a riff on what's come before. I like the Mojave tanks...probably would have continued with that type of build if I could have found one but they are getting hard to find and they are getting a bit pricey as well.
matty ,if you can not see the difference in your post and mine you just are not willing to admit it guy..... there is a difference when a person is attached to a post like yours did, joesvcycle is me and it is my business web site good or bad....
reread my post all i talked about was a "gas tank" no person,site,link,attachments,no ones bike, nothing!
your post with my business web site included;


ok,i'm are you going to build a kick ass web site for me?
joe @ ice cycles , lol
this thread belongs here;topicseen#msg337733

At least it would move the discussion off of those pukes from down under.
Wow... I've bee away for a while, but that thread is a excellent idea. As for this being moved there, I don't think the parties involved hate each other, just a bit of online bickering. I've done this with a few people who have gone on to become good friends of mine.
As for the mojave tanks getting expensive... Are you serious? Two years ago you couldn't throw a rock on ebay without hitting one. I find it hard to believe that the stash Cosmo found only had two hundred. If that's the case then I've seen all two hundred, plus a few. Some of us met one of the guys from cosmo at the Barber auctions last year btw. I think Go! talked to him the most, but he was a great guy with a cool DOT sticker tattooed on the back of his bald head.
Regardless it's a fine italian tank with good lines that works well on smaller cafe's. I've seen lots of different stuff done with them. It's like saying "No more alloy manx tanks!!!" or "No more emgo fairings!!!" In the end it's a small piece of a build, and it's what the folks do with it that makes the difference. Plus it's hard to call out a single part on a cafe racer without ruffling feathers.
Now everyone kiss and make up. :)
And Joe, your website is fine dude.
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