More of a reintroduction really


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Hi there fellow builders, riders and racers.

Cliff here - back after a few years, still building bikes and looking forward to building more.

Current project - a Kawasaki KH100 for the track, trying to keep it "cheap and simple" but nothing ever is once you pick up the spanner...

I will get into a few threads and see who is building what, and see if I can learn more about putting a KH100 on the track.


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I am pretty sure that CHEAP, SIMPLE and TRACK cannot peacefully coexist in the same sentence. I'm not even sure if track and either other word go together except in our wild imaginations where we convince ourselves that we have all the stuff we need and as soon as we start building and modifying things, all that stuff gets rejected/replaced piece by piece .

I like to think of that as the Project installment plan.


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Well, no words "fast" and "safe" in the description, sooooo... ;)
All the best for you and your KH100, but I think you will scratch the word "cheap" soon enough :D


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A little late responding, but, welcome back. I've seen some of your past project, even on other sites, you do good work, so I'm sure that tracker will fall right in line, for the work needed.

Good luck with it, and post lots of pictures.....!!!!!!

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