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OK, over a few years I've noticed many people criticizing factory service manuals for not giving enough detail or service 'how to'
I just 'found' Honda Common service manual' which is something required for all basic information. Pretty sure Yamaha and Kawasaki do similar? Suzuki tend to give very specific information in their manuals
The other thing is oil filters.
Lot of people think Honda centrifugal filter on 50~450/500twins isn't 'good' enough. It's actually better than almost all fibre filters (better if you use high rpm)


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Downloaded both. The first Honda manual is chock full of good info. Thanks bud.



Split personality, I fake being smart
It's the manual everyone with a Honda needs and almost no-one knows about. I kinda remember being given the earlier version to borrow in 1978 but don't remember ever doing more than skimming through it (like all 19~21 yr old's, I already 'knew' everything ;D )


Split personality, I fake being smart
This isn't my usual sort of post but it is a relevant issue. I also posted it in my 'build to blog' 360 thread

I do a LOT of CB360 carbs, several CB350 carbs and a few CB450 carbs (solid piston so no diaphragms)
Anyway, long and short of it.
I have to change my recommendation on JBM diaphragms.
Problem with new diaphragm, guarantee 30 days even if it wasn't fitted to slide.
I machine the step off slide as I heard a few people had diaphragms split and it was 'accepted' as due to bad fitting procedure. I know how to fit these things, no idea how many I've used over the years (at least several dozen, maybe more?)
Contacted Paul at JBM, sent pictures of a pretty strange failure (split top and bottom at centre donut but not all the way through?) Initially very abrupt, calmed down and checked name/address I gave him ( by accident the wrong one)

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