Most exciting IOMTT video I've ever seen


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I like the cats standing behind a 3 foot tall brick wall watching. Yeah, your all safe there fellas...


Wow, that was wild. How many times was everyone else going "oh shit, oh shit!". Would never watch nascar under any circumstances but man that doesnt even compare.

donald branscom

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Looks like a sure way to get killed on even your first race.
Looks like the film was speeded up just a little.

Trees, rock walls, poles buildings,fences, How could any responsible official think this is a safe race track? Insane. It looks like a rider would be killed or injured for life in every race.


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Films not been sped up, they really are that mad! Spent 7 years living on the island and used to go out and watch every time. Find a nice solid looking tree to sit behind or top of a bank you can quickly dive down! :D

Moved away from the island last year but taking my dad back over for the Southern 100 ( they have the TT, Manx GP & Southern 100 road races ) in july. May have to try and add a few more laps to my total 8)

Oh and Connor, guy who went off the side of the mountain, was pretty messed up but is back racing again! :eek:


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holy freakin shit ! :eek: i love power and speed , but since ive gotten older my sense of self preservation has went WAY up, now i would never attempt alot , well lets be honest most(99.7%) of that. still an awesome vid!

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