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I'm looking at buying the M-Blaze disc
However I also want to run with bar end mirrors. I love the ones motogadget has but don't really like their price at $258 for the pair,
Do yall know of any other bar end mirrors that will allow me to install with the m-blaze disc lights, but still be able to tighten down so they are useable?



Some bar end mirrors clamp on to the bars instead of fitting inside them.


Been Around the Block
Thanks Sonier, I had seen those, just wasn't sure if they would tighten up.

Also, hooked up your LED headlight. Makes a huge difference!


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This is what I have on my Tomasselli clip-ons. You'll need to trim 1/2 0ff the grip and throttle barrel on yours. Remove the "inside the bar" mount and it clamp's onto the outside of the bar. That way you can run these externally and your turn signals internally. I only gave around $3 for the pair on EBay, they keep going up in price.

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