Motorcycle tech schools?


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I'm looking into moto tech school on the east coast, i know of MMI in AZ and FL but both of those are much further than i want to go. Looking to move to NC, PA, VA or even boston. Any advice would be great!!

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Save ur $$$...Read some manuals and get in your garage and fix something. Most MMI grads are morons and are less likely to get hired over a self taught enthusiast that know a his/her stuff. Do it because you love it, not because you're trying to make a living out of it.


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Find the job you want and see what there requirements are. If the require school then what MX advised is of no use. If not then I agree with him. Learn on your own or find a local old timer who can really teach you something.


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Alright sounds good. I was wondering if that were the case. I just want to work with bikes. My fiancé was pushing me to get into a field i love and saw mmi on TV.

Unfortunately i don't know of any local shops anywhere around me.


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Here in York, PA we have the York Technical Institute's Motorcycle Technology Center.

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