Mt Kisco, NY : Project CB350 in parts need gone


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I have an old leftover project that's been sitting in my parents house and they want it gone. I live in NYC now and cant take it on. Is this useful to someone here?

Its basically everything from a 72 CB350t minus the frame, plus some extra parts.

List includes:
CB350 motor, with electronic ignition, been sitting ~6 years
Cafe clip ons, some things like new turn signals and new tach cables, model A taillights
Front end from I think a CB550? it has disc brakes and I wanted to do that conversion
Full exhaust w/ emgo shorty mufflers
Theres a stripped tank that was cleaned up before storage - like I said, full bike minus frame

Take everything for 500 bucks? Shoot me a message


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There's a chrome set from DCC from around 2011? Bumping this. Just looked up how much just the carbs go on ebay... seems like this would be a really good deal for the right local
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