My '79 XS 1100 Special Work in progress: Massachusetts


Build it and they will love
The Fairing is from my Shoei RF900 Helmet.. Its literally the visor flipped upside down with 2 holes drilled in it that mount the the blinkers. Sometimes the solutions to the hardest problems are the simple ones you over look!


(I have taken mine off recently to go more vintage, I have a black smoked visor that is drilled already i'd sell you cheap.)


Build it and they will love
Desmo, I'm going to do everything I can to get to JapBikeMikes this year, and you?

Cannon, Shes getting ready to strut her voluptuous curves!


Busted Nut
Im not sure if i should ride a bike there ,so i dont bring any more home.....or take the car so theres always a chance of me shoving some basket case in there
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