My BMW R90/S from 1976


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This is my BMW bike from 1976!
My first Caferacer!
Could be cool to hear what your guys Think!
Sorry if my english is a bit OFF! Im Danish thats why.


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I like it. Clean, simple, nice lines, let down a little by the front brake pipes but I being fussy. Great looking bike well done


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Did you make your seat or buy it? I'm doing an r/100 from 78 and having trouble finding a bolt on seat to fit the look. BMW cafe parts are hard to find in the USA. I'd love to know some European websites to check out because your bike looks great!!

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Dude, gorgeous. Great looking bike, you must be proud

I got home yesterday and thought I'd have a look at any new local online bike listings - found 1975 r90/6 that had been posted 8 minutes before. It sold within half an hour! Maybe I'll get lucky next time

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Congrats, you got the Facebook BMW guys all in a tizzy lol. That's reason enough to build a bike. They are a strange bunch for sure lol

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Tidy looking machine. If I recall correctly the 90/S held the American trans continental speed record for a good number of years, so quite a historic model.


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Cool looking bike you’ve done a great job, definitely considering a bmw for my next project I’m a big fan of the querky looking engine blocks

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