My Dart


Dolor est Magister Optimus
(you know... 'cause it's in the grass... get it? geez I crack myself up :D )

There's just something about old Mopars that scream "I mean business".
There are plenty of others that are swoopier, sexier, etc. But very few that ooze "Muscle" like they do.


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Sweet ride!! I just love the rear wheel arches on the muscle cars of this era, the Hemi Cuda has similar rear arches to this i think...
Good luck with all the future work still to come on this beautiful machine :D


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Thanks guys, haha lawn dart is a good one! with the price of gas, i've been thinking about going back to a small block.......nahhhh!!!


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Haha! Beast is the right word alright, I've had 440, 383 cars before, but this thing is crazy! 3:55 gears loadflight trans from a motorhome(4 pinion planetaries) with a trans go stage 3 valvebody reprogram (shift kit with some drilling and grinding) same motorhome lowstall converter and the 440 has a windage tray and mp .455" "roadrunner" purple shaft and valvesprings. I hope to get it to to the local dragstrip this summer, in Gimli Manitoba to see just how fast it is, but it feels like real low 13's. I'm hoping for 12's though lol

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