my latest build. 2 stroke GT185 cafe racer.


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received my braided brake line today. Ordered it from a place on eBay that I have used before. They do good quality, custom work


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here is my pile of parts waiting for powder. My powder guy is on his honeymoon, so those will sit another couple weeks before I can get to assembling the bike again. He will also mount and balance my tires after truing the spokes.



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still debating how I want to handle the airbox. For aesthetic reasons, I want to use PODs but I know there are concerns with PODs and getting them to run properly. As a backup, I will get the stock airbox available as an option. Mine was missing all the insides. It is nearly impossible to find the perforated metal tubes that hold each of the two air filters. Not only that, but to buy new airfilter socks for this is crazy expensive. As an alternative, I found some 1" diameter exhaust tubing made from perforated stainless steel. I cut those to the proper length and bought some bulk filter material. I will wrap the metal with the filter material and stuff them inside the stock box. It actually doesn't look that bad.

In terms of POD filters, Nobody seems to be able to guide me on jetting. I talked with the higgspeed people and they basically refuse to help me unless I use stock air filters. They said stock jetting is fine if I use the stock airbox with the chambers. I will probably try out the PODs first. Someone on the international suzuki two stroke facebook site recommended trying two main jet sizes higher with PODs and the chambers. Also will drop the needle down one click.



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I'd start with needles in the stock slot and be prepared to raise the main jet even more if necessary. The old rule of thumb was 2 main jet sizes for pipe or pods and 4 for both, but that was a really rough guide to a place to start.


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Uphsoltery is underway.

Also dropped off the frame, triples, oil tank and some other parts for powder coating



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That is the coolest looking engine and like finish

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I had an early one. First road bike that I could count on. Loved the crackle out of it. But I loved the bowl out of the pipes of my dad’s GT750.
Nice project.


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I had a 1978 GT185 in 1984, it had hideously loud Allspeed expansion chambers, handled badly and holed pistons regularly due to the float heights changing by themselves.

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not much of an update today, but I was able to mount the LED tail/ brake light. Its a billet unit from Radiantz. If gives you the option of a nearly flush mount. It only sticks up about 1/8" from the seat pan. The majority of it is mounted behind the seat pan after drilling a 1.75" hole.



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and here is the pile of parts waiting for powder to be finished. The frame and all the remaining parts will be powder coated that same grey color as shown on these parts.

The wheels are getting laced and trued. The hubs are the same grey, the spokes are gloss black, the nipples are chrome and the rims are matte bronze (almost a black color).




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Very clean light install. looks great. Nice pile o parts too. getting close to the finished stage now for sure

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