My new jacket. So awesome...


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I believe the story is that it was originally worn by a member of a TZ racing privateer team in 1978. Kiley (and luckily for me) my buddy Neal was kind enough to pass it to me. All I know is that I'm no longer up in the air in regards to the paint scheme for my R5 road racer build. ;)



Shoulder patch:


With a shirt like this, who needs pants?
If it wasn't sized for a keebler elf, I'd have knocked you down and ran with that. So awesome.


I'm jealous, but if I wore it it would look like a fat guy in a little coat.. Lol

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That's like crack to a yamaha nut. Do you wear it around the house making motorcycle sounds pretending to be king Kenny? (I would).


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Fix said:
If it wasn't sized for a keebler elf...
Somehow I feel insulted :p

I noticed how he conveniently waited until AFTER I gave him the clipons (and told him several times that I didn't want anything in exchange) to strut on over and say "Looky what I just got!"
The nerve of some people ::)

That is one badass jacket man ;)


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Damn that is for the Kawi's Drewski and I will have to steal one from Yvon Duhamel's closet!! ;D
I can grow the pornstar stache...I'll take the hat too!


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