my "new" XS750 , 78 model


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Bought this a fortnight ago and just having fun cleaning and fixing her up a bit, and also riding her when its not raining as im in UK!!!
Theses pics are from the add i bought it from note the fugugly rear indicators there in the bin now lol
Looking really good! I just finished a 78 xs750 special (scrambler)


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that looks cool! i just picked up a 1981 Suzuki GS450 that someone was Cafe modding, and i will be doing a scrambler build on it. mostly will be real easy, wheels are my point of contention right now. i wanted to get 17/17 or 17/18 for the tires I was trying to use. but i have 16/19 and might be stuck with those. not sure what I am gunna do at this point with it.
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