my SV's


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my 650

my 1000

Nice pair. I'd like to try out a 1000 some time. That's gotta have some torque!

I'm a big fan of the sv. Had a modded 1st gen myself. The 1000 is a beast but I still prefer the 650. Nice job on them!
Nince. The 1000 is a monster with the right gearing and some upgrades. They geared the SV1000 so far down from the TL.
I've had the 1000 almost 9 years and nearly 80000km on it,and the 650 I've had for nearly 9 months and really lovin it,just as much fun as the 1000 especially through the twisties,the 650 has a sv1000 front end on it and the 1000 has a gsxr1000 front end and Elka rear shock and Ohlins stearing damper somthing the TL should have come out with as standard.
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