My Trusty CL125s Deserves A Little Love


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Bought the bike from the original owner a few years ago.
Cleaned it up, serviced it and started putting miles on it.
Came to me with under 1100 miles!

I think it cleaned up well. Always starts a conversation when stopped for gas
New brakes, fork seals, cables and other service items

Just found a nice rear rack for it

Since I will be doing some work on it I installed a center stand from a CB125

I decided to do a once over on the bike as I have some other runners so I can afford to take this bike out of action for a bit.
The petcock failed and started leaking, I took this as a sign that it wants some love

Plan is
-New tires
-Adjust the timing chain or just replace it
-Soda blast and rebuild the carb
-Polish the engine covers.
-Replace the original frame stickers that are damaged


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Reinstalled the petcock and started her up for the first time this year
Took her for a nice ride.

I just cant bring myself to do the timing chain in the



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New tires are going to be on next week. I went with Michelin Gazelle tires. They last for ever, come in the correct size and give the bike a nice look. Also they are a proper tire at a good price. The tires that are on it now are the originals

I need a blinker flasher relay, it seems to be on of the few parts that honda is not still making, but it cant be that hard to track down one that will work.
Bike seems to be cutting out a bit at higher RPMs. not sure if it just needs a tune up (didnt do a good one this year) or if the battery was just flat.


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ive run the gazelles on a few small bikes. I figure they are better then chen shins or whatnot, and the moped tires are just to modern for the old bikes.

I rode the 125 into town the other day to run some errants, and i guess i had forgotten how slow it
ive been riding my CB450 everyday and that bike has so much more pep. or maybe its the fact that i weigh more then the


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But its a great bike over near the beach, girls love it. and whats the point of motorcycles with out girls?


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eh not on the stops. but the shocks dont like bumps that much....
Was thinking about getting some hagons made up for me to put on the bike. the forks seem to handle things fine. the shocks are original so im not sure if its my fat ass or just old shocks


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Spring is here!

The bike gets used all year round so not a real dust off....

Plan to give the bike some love and a tune up.
Needs tires and shocks this year.
Not sure if I will get OEM replacement shocks or Hagons.

Going for my favorite ride latter the Chinese take out and beer barn for lunch...


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Been another great year of riding.

Ordered some rubber parts to install over the winter.
Also some spare carb and petcock pieces for the next time the fuel messes things up.


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Cleaned up for spring.
I use it all year round, but today was nice so she got cleaned a bit.

Have a small leak that will need to be repaired though

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