My wife's first bike. Cb350


Been Around the Block
The wife picked up a 2.7 bikes for $1,500. The guy she bought them from got all of it from an estate sale of someone who was obviously obsessed with these little 350s. the two bikes are complete. The frame comes boxes of of stuff to build another bike, engine parts, wiring, gauges, handle bars, extra carbs. The guy who we got them from said he had them a few years but never tried to start them. He intended to do something with them but life got busy. I was able to start the red 72 easily. Ran rough so ill obviously have to crack open the carbs and do a full tune up to everything else. The orange 73 had one seized piston and the the carbs were fully seized. I blew out the cylinder and put some wd40 there to loosen stuff up. Let all that soak and it freed up and I was able to turn the engine freely but noticed I wasnt getting spark.

Basically my plan is to keep the 72 for the wife. Ill sell the orange one for a few hundred or tear it town and sell for parts. Dont really have a need for all these extra parts since the bike is complete. Doesnt have a title anyway.

The 72 will need to be rejetted because im at high altitude. Anyone have a recommendation where to get new jets for a complete rebuild? She will also need new chain, cables, air filters, tires, and everything else to get it running smoothly. We will likely be getting rid of the tall bars for something shorter.


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