Naked girl+aluminum= Rearsets. Tell me what you think


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I wanted some "out of the ordinary" rear sets so I figured out the dimensions I wanted from footpeg to shift/brake peg, and then drew up the silhouette of a nice, respectable, SMART, young woman around those dimensions. Thus, my rearsets tell me what you think.

Here are my originals i did with a dremel.



And here is how much better she looks now that my buddy just got a waterjet!

Nice detail. You should cut about 25 sets and market them here and online. I bet they'd sell pretty good.
Thanks guys, I don't know how many I could make to sell or how much, the waterjet is a company asset. Ill check with my buddy but he is like minded and is currently building a bike as well. The possibilities are endless, really, I think any design could be cut out, that waterjet is amazing!
Real nice
I like the 'respectable' curves ;D

I am sure that you could have no trouble with others here wanting some ladies for their rides
Hah, nice! How about just a billet naked chick I could put in my shop?
Actually, speaking of shop-bling, my same friend with the waterjet is an engineer at a glass company and he has a technique in which he can print on glass and then laminate that image between two panes, he just made a 24"by 24" glass pane that is the exploded diagram for the cb750 engine. I will try and get something worked out to where I can draw up/ cut out some more chicas or anything DTT related. Ive done quite a few things for him on his bike, so i might be able to pull the ol' "you owe me one, dude"
freerideordie said:
he just made a 24"by 24" glass pane that is the exploded diagram for the cb750 engine.

Now that is cool!
Not what I was expecting by the description... Still pretty cool otherwise... *Smiling and nodding in agreement*
A nipple digging into my ankle sounds like the best thing that could dig into my ankle. But sadly, it won't, they are the same dimensions as my others (just far better detail). They wont because I will bend them to an offset for clearance and comfort.
RCoriginals said:
Here is a photo of the Honda CB750 engine printed in glass.

Jesus, put some clothing on that thing! I mean, it really leaves nothing to the imagination. haha. Very cool man - I was looking at the shop manual for my cb360 the other day and it has a really cool exploded view of the whole bike that I thought would be pretty cool wall art.
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