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Hey Guys,

Looking for some specific advice... I have a screw that was stripped on the bike i just got (CL360) took the impact driver to it but that only made it worse. Thankfully this is the only screw on the engine that has given me trouble. I've read about screw removal on the site and online but i was wondering if anyone had any specific advice for this one.


the screw is the tach cable screw. Let me know what you guys think. I have an impact driver but i dont have a welder. So I'm wondering if anyone has specific suggestions. JB Weld? Easy Out? I tried dremeling it to make a flat head slot but that just stripped it more. Maybe drill out a bit more and dremel further down? I've never retapped a thread so i'd like to avoid that.
Get a steel punch set and pick out the sharpest one. Then hammer it in to the outer edge of the screw. Once you have a bit of a divot, use the punch to turn the screw by tapping it the "unscrew" direction. Then buy a stainless Allen replacement.
I was up against the same situation a while back and had run out of ideas, nothing worked. The impact drive only tore up the screw etc

Go to Lowes, Home Depot, whatever is near you and look for what is called Grabit Extractor kit, they are drill bits designed just for this purpose. One end is to "hollow out" the head, then you flip it around and the other end grabs the screw and unscrews need a good drill.

Just follow the directions in the box and you're done, literally took seconds to remove damaged screws on my bike.
thanks for the reply guys. I know it's been answered but i'm glad you guys helped out after seeing the photo. The $69 impact driver i bought was probably the best purchase of this project so far. However this one was already stripped so it was pretty much gone. ichabod did you heat the screw up with a torch at all?
Do you have a $5 impact screwdriver? The kind you hit with a hammer? Sounds like you're trying to use a power tool, which is the Wrong Way.
Rich- I don't. I was using a power tool.

is there a solution for taking it out with the manual kind or are you referring to the future to prevent this stupid problem
Go pick up an impact screwdriver and give that a try - I bet you can still get it out. Harbor Freight has them cheap; I have one from NAPA that was about the same price.
I've only ever had success with an ezy out once and funnily enough it was this past weekend on a stripped tach cable screw.

I had to use a smaller bit than was supplied but it came out no problem. It's the head that gets stripped rather than the thread getting stuck.

Go grab one, you will have it out in 5 mins.
ksprzk said:
ichabod did you heat the screw up with a torch at all?

No heating necessary, I did spray PB Blaster on one and let it sit for a while though.

The extractor bits really help with stripped heads, they aren't a bad investment when dealing with these old machines.
I disagree, LH bit is as likely to break as it is to work. Manual impact will (a) fix this and (b) prevent it in the future.
Meant EZ-outs in general. There's still enough material there for a manual impact to get some bite.
If all of the above fails, my last resort is usually tack welding a smalle bolt or an allen wrench to the head for manual extraction.
in theory i could try the manual impact driver first and if it doesn't work use the ez out bit yeah? Would you use a flat head bit for the manual driver?
CrescentSon said:
If all of the above fails, my last resort is usually tack welding a smalle bolt or an allen wrench to the head for manual extraction.

No access to a welder unless i take the engine to a friends garage. so this will be last resort.
I've always had good luck with ez outs. Removed hundreds of stuck/stripped screws on aircraft access panels. I prefer the short ones like these below. Irwin/Hanson makes a version that can be found at Grainger and maybe the big box stores. If you drill the hole with a left hand bit, sometimes you'll get lucky and the bit will grip the screw and back it out.


If there is only one problem screw drill the head off,remove clutch cover and take the remainder out with you fingers
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