Need help and parts Yamaha YL1


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Would appreciate any sort of contribution in putting her back on road.

It’s a 1968 Yamaha YL1

tons of childhood memories associated with it. Don’t know anything about 2 strokes. Engine turns over with kick, seems complete except missing Tail light lens and one nut for head pipe.


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Speed and sport here in the States has a significant amount of NOS parts.

As well as Consolidated Motor Spares

And Yambits in the UK

I have yet to find a YL1 manual online but the HS1 is essentially the same engine with 1 more gear and 10 less cc’s.

Good luck!


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Many thanks everyone. Wasn’t around due to some family situation. Back on forums but too cold to be back in garage. Yet some stripping was done. I’m in Ontario GTA area

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Just wondering how you are making out with finding parts for your bike? I have just started my own YL1 project for my daughter and am having isses finding replacement rubber parts for the insert gromits on the frame and also the Y peice that goes from the air filter to the carbs. Any help would be great.


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