Need some help from the mitten dwellers on the board! (time sensitive)


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Hey guys,
I know this is a weird request, but I'm planning on asking my current gf to marry me on valentine's day, and one part of the plan has so far fallen through. I'll preface this by saying, no, she is not a juggalo, but to make this happen I need a can, bottle, six pack, two liter, whatever of faygo Rock & Rye. I am in oregon and cannot get it anywhere. Tried ordering online and no one will ship it fast enough (should've planned much further ahead I know). So here's my deal. If anyone of you could just run to your corner store and grab me some I would be forever grateful and totally make it worth your while. It would just need to be soon and probably overnighted or second day aired out here. Would pay for all expenses however you like and give you any contact information you want to let you know I'm not screwing with you. Thanks so much ahead of time for anyone willing to help my dire romantic straits! Oh and I'm sure most of you don't know me but I didn't just pop up on the board to ask crazy favors, I ride a cb450 and cb900 and have been here for a while (NORPAC crew).

Email is
Will give phone number if you need to talk in person!

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