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I took the best pictures I could. This is a SL250 engine that came off of my 73 XL250. The camshaft has some scratches/nicks on the top of (dont know what the part is called...Rocker roller?) So, seeing that, what should I expect from the engine or in other words what should I be looking at to replace? Or, is this anything to be concerned about?

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It's called a cam lobe, it's what opens and closes the valves as the cam rotates. It looks (from what I can see in the pictures) that the hardened outer layer of metal is starting to deteriorate/break-down. Not exactly absolutely necessary to replace/repair it, but it would be a good idea to go ahead and do it since the engine's tore apart anyway. If the budget allows for it, I'd grab a new cam, if not, I'd get it welded and reground back to spec. For a 250 engine, I'd imagine they'd both cost about the same though. If you buy a new one, you can play around with the duration, lift, etc. suitable for any performance mods you're planning on doing. Good luck.


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That wear looks really minor to me. I'd use it as is. Just change oil regularly.

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