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Thanks to Tim for helping me login.

I found this site after searching info on a bike I bought. I’m 44. I used to ride 3 wheelers and quads and occasional motorcycle as a kid. I’ve always loved vintage 60s style bikes though. I’ve been into cars since about 14 and I have a few that should be worked on but instead I sold some other stuff (guitars) to fund a cheap 250 purchase.

It runs so I’ve been updating the appearance. I’m not sure if I should create a new thread to show what I’ve done or just post it all here.

Here is the bike as I bought it. A runner with 7000 miles. 1981 Yamaha 250 Exciter

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I think about 80mph. I’ll never have the nads to max it but my brother in law might.

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Another one... ;) Yours looks a lot better than mine did :)

I love my SR250 :) Every time i put my butt on it it amazes me how much fun that little bike can give :D
Don't know if you are considering any changes, but first job I did it was swapping the handlebar.
With the original one it was like steering an oil tanker ;)

Very nice bike for a start point.
It is so much cleaner than my old '83.
Check out Jadus if you haven't already. He has a heap of things for the SR and is working on a light weight, 100mph version.
Hah! I just got a Milk-Crate Basket Case version, myself! Can't wait to see what you do to yours! Mine- it's in many pieces, so half the work is done. Going to build a very ugly budget bike! Best of luck to you!
That will be fun. Scrap the windscreen and put lower bars on it if you want to hit 80 mph. Singles sound great with a nice exhaust.
It’s been a while. I made another thread and updated it. I’ll take some better photos and post.

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