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New here. I was an automotive technician for the last decade, started working at a motorcycle repair shop recently and getting more into motorcycles due to that. This is my 3rd bike. I had a 2009 ninja 250 like every other first timer, then a 70s Honda CB550 pictured here (I didn’t build it but I did work on it a lot lol). And now I have this CM400E. I’ve also had two scooters, a ruckus and a piaggio fly 150.

I honestly do not know a whole lot about motorcycles but I’m having a blast. I hope to turn the CM into a scrambler over the next winter or two. It needs some work, mostly cosmetic. Runs off starter fluid so I’ll take the carbs to work and throw them in the sonic cleaner. Lots of surface rust here and there and everywhere so it’ll be a couple hours of wire wheel and painting.


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Although the no-fender look is cool, if you really intend to ride it..... But, that is part of the art - making it both functional and beautiful.


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Welcome aboard! There are many like-minded people on this forum. Contact us if you have any questions. And yes, the motorcycle is cool!
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