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I've just purchased my Ace 125 and I can't get the smile off my face!

i'm the second owner. It was manufactured 02/15 with just shy of 3,000kms on the clock. Black frame.

It wasn't well looked after but due to it's relative simplicity half a dozen hours over the last four days and a few dollars on parts and I recon I've got the best bike on the block.

Great to see an active community supporting the bike and mods. I'm looking forward to working through a few.

The boulie's taken second place in the garage as the Ace becomes my daily commuter.


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Welcome Sneikz... you have come to the place for pretty much anything SOHC... Theres hundreds, maybe thousands of hours of collective expertise and knowledge here... its hard to stop once you get started..!!

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G'day Sneikz, welcome to the fun!

At 3,000k the 'Ace' is just about run-in. I've got about 16,000 on mine and it's going great.

What part of Sydney are you from and have you thought about the doing the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride in September?



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Hi Crazy

May get into the Nasho Saturday arvo after an oil change.

Will let you know.


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I've decided to name my bike the Silver Bullet and am going to get a couple of tank logos made up as follows. Left and right have the bullet pointing forward.

Hopefull will look OK.

On reading comments in forum I think I'll spend some time checking the cush rubbers and bearing this weekend. If time permits I'll also be adding a tacho and bikini fairing.

Busy Fathers day weekend.


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Big Saturday spent tinkering on the "Silver Bullet".

Up on the milk crate and removed the rear wheel to inspect bearings and cush bushes and bolts. There where quite a few comments regarding bearings starting to fail around 3000k and cush bushes disintegrating. Had me a little concerned given it's now my daily ride now and I'm just over the 100kgs. Happy to report that all are in pristine condition with no sign of wear. Smooth as a good cognac.
Chain and sprockets all good along with a consistent tone from each spoke.

Next was to install the tacho and bikini fairing. No problems with either. A big call out to Michael at Skyteam Canberra & NSW. Excellent service and prompt delivery of the fairing. It fitted like a glove! I ummed and arhed about painting it silver or leaving it black. Black won out at this time. Looks OK, but I may change in the future.

Now I'm waiting for the air cleaner and new mirrors. Tinker work for next week!


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The Silver Bullet

The "Silver Bullet" is a reality with the application of the decals and a ride with the Silver Bullet Racing Team T-shirt on.


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The Silver Bullet

Postman Pat arrived with the crankcase breather today. So another tick off the list with the removal of the distasteful rubber hose hanging down now gone.


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The Silver Bullet

Postman Pat visited again. This time with an Iridium sparkplug (NGK DR8EIX) and my Handlebar mount Clock and Thermometer.

Now that they're attached I'm not sure that it's a bit of over kill. But at least now I know how late I'm running!


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Silver Bullet mods booklet

I think back over all the great and enjoyable things that I’ve done over the years and unfortunately the subtle details often escape me. The overall feeling and memory of greatness is there, but the details sometimes are lost. So I find this document format provides me with a history of what I’ve done in the general order of them being done.

Whenever I stop at a motorcycle gathering point, no matter what I ride there’s always a conversation that strikes up about bits and pieces, mods and removals. I keep a copy of this as an A5 booklet in the pannier. And surprisingly I’ve given a few away to those who are really keen to explore this particular model of motorcycle.

I’m just sorry the ability to produce this type of doco wasn’t around when I had my first bike. (Honda 50 step through).

Hope you enjoy! ;D

PS. It's a living doco that I'll update at Postman Pat brings me "care packages".


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Bar End Mirrors

I love Postman Pat when he brings be goodies for the "Silver Bullet".

He brought me my bar end mirrors. I tried a few positions and ended up with up and out.


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New tail light

Postman Pat is a very fine chap........ He delivered my new tail light during the week. This is a much better fit and in keeping with the style over the square OEM tail light IMHO.

Had to drill a 6mm hole on the left side of fender. Used the cable hole on the right and the light cable went in via the original top bolt hole. I attached with 20mm M6 SS bolts with SS M6 washers, rubber grommets and Nyloks.

Interestingly the original tail light loom is too short by about 50-60mm. So there's a little extension set that joins under the fender and runs through into the seat cavity to the bikes main wiring loom.

Very happy with the result at this time. Had I seen the Bate style LED earlier, I think I would have bought it instead. But this one is about 4 times cheaper.


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Red seat, air filter, fuel line and crankcase breather

Red seat, air filter, fuel line and crankcase breather.

Will install over the weekend and post some pics


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