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have a 78 cb360 that ive been working on over the past 1.5years. it is my first project bike and i took a lot on.

its stretched 3in and lowered 2in
custom wire harness from Sparck Moto
electric starter delete
custom seat
frame hoop with integrated brake light
revival cycles M-Blaze turn signals
earthX battery
soon to have a custom 2into1 exhaust

needs a longer chain and extended brake rod
not sure what size chain to get, thats where i was hoping someone on here could help
i was thinking of a 150link 530 chain


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Welcome to the forum mate, can't help you with chain (won't be long before someone else can though - you're in the right place) but great looking ride. Make yourself at home.
The chain has 5/8" long links, so an extra 3" top and bottom is roughly 10 extra links over stock. But check my arithmetic - haven't had much coffee yet.
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