New Mexico Represent!

I just found this thread. I live in Albuquerque. I don't do any riding tho, it's not as much fun when you have to push. ;D
ApriliaBill said:
Middle of the day, I had cabin fever and didn't care how cold it was or how much black ice I had to dodge, I needed to get out. I had pulled over to get the feeling's back in my hands and to ponder that Dulce looked a lot like some Alaskan cities I've seen on T.V.

I think I was a little fatigued and just wasn't paying attention when the light bulb lit and it dawned on me I was standing by some Buffalo (something you don't see much of in California). I grabbed a burger at the casino, and headed back passing several frozen lakes. It was quite a scenic ride and by the way everybody was waving at me, they don't see many Triumphs out that way.

It has been a serious adjustment for me. Riding all day and barely seeing a dozen cars, not seeing an ocean at some point in the ride and so far haven't seen anything other than Harley's up here. Where I come from the Sunday ride see's everything from Aprilia's to maybe a sighting of Jay Leno's jet bike. Exotica was the norm there. Also I think I'm the only one around here who wears a full helmet. I guess I'm going to be "That Guy"....

I'd say it's a bit different riding around here for sure. Most riders here seem to wave regardless of what you are on unless it's a just group of pirates on their way to a bar. Lack of helmet laws catches out of towners off guard too. Try the buffalo, it's lean.
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