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If you enjoy the site consider joining the Site Supporter group!

Hey there folks - as you can see, the site went through a MAJOR transformation over the last few days of 2010, and I think now into 2011 we're all enjoying it. For those new members, the site looked quite a bit different a little bit ago and wasn't performing as it should.

The software upgrade and server migration (3rd time) was the end-result of weeks of careful planning and a number of dress-rehersal migrations performed over the last few months (to make sure I wasn't going to delete over 200,000 posts and 9,000 members ;) ).

I hope you like it - I'm pretty pleased with it so far, and have gotten some good input from a lot of you. Keep the comments coming - I'm totally open to new ideas and constructive criticism.

Our new hosting service is a fully un-managed Linux node, which means yours truly gets to install and maintain the operating system, database server, webserver, email system... you name it I get to do it :) We get more computer horsepower and more than enough storage and bandwidth to support the site. It's a lot more expensive and WAY more work than the shared hosting we were on before, but well worth it.

One idea that has been floated by our members over the years was how people could help support the site financially, so we can continue to improve the software we run on, the hosting service we utilize to run the site and maybe even get into some DTT sponsored events etc.

We've always been adament that the site would always remain free and totally open, and it will ALWAYS be this way.

What we have offered up as a simple way for those of you so inclined and in a position to offer your support is a nominal $10 / year subscription option you can set up in your Profile.


So should you feel the urge, the option is there. We're looking at some tangible benefits we can offer up to official Site Supporters such as a unique annual patch issue etc.

There we go - like I say, it's totally voluntary and the content of the site will always remain free and available to everyone, including the thousands of people who visit the site every month but never register. This has become a huge source of knowledge and inspiration for people around the world who are interested in Cafe Racers and all other forms of motorcycles, and with your continued support and participation in the site, it will only get bigger and better.



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Done deal. Anything to help. Really appreciate all the work you guys put into the site. I know how much time (and money) it can take, especially with a site upgrade and update.


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I run a similar option to donate on the forum I run... figured I'd pass along what we give to those who donate, again its nothing fancy.

Currently the Forum Supporter accounts have the following features:

·Warm feeling inside for supporting your forum.
·750 PM box limit.
·Access to upload up to 100 images on the forum image gallery.

We also display *Form Supporter* under the user's name.


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'Tis done and worth every penny - fun like this usually costs LOADS more............... 8) 8) 8) 8)


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Happy to help, Tim. We all benefit too much from this site to not help out with the rent.


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$10 for what is like a personal daily magazine which I get to contribute to sounds like a deal to me. Thanks Tim (and everyone else involved) for keepin this thing going, looking forward to what comes next! Also, the new site looks way better on mobile devices!



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Had to wait til my cash hit my paypal. Least I could do.


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Thanks to everyone who's being so kind to subscribe and support the continued evolution of DTT :) Your contributions will keep the annoying Google-type ads off the site and allow us to continue to add features etc.

There does seem to be some tech glitch with the Paypal interface on some transactions, so if anyone subscribes and encounters an error or isn't changed to Site Supporter with the exclusive DTT Banner graphic on your user profile, let me know.

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