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What’s up everyone? My name is Zach and I’m 23. Motorcycles have been my passion alongside 3 wheelers since I was a little kid. I’m into vintage motorcycles. First bike was a 74 cb125. Then had a couple 250 triumph tiger Cubs. Currently I ride 3 bikes. My 63 t120 triumph chop, 72 Suzuki Ts250 and a 99 Triumph legend TT. I’m currently building a 75 cb125 from a pile of parts pulled from a trash can. A buddy of mine said this may be a good place to find some parts for my bike. Here’s some photos of my rides and my project. I’ve been around a lot of Honda’s. Built a couple cb750s, cb550, cb200s and lots of different triumphs. Glad to be here.


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pretty cool collection and impressive amount of older bikes you have worked with, especially for a younger person. I like the 80's stuff, can't really get into the 70's ones myself, but 80's-90's bikes seem to be the sweet spot for me. newest bike i have owned was a 2001, lol. I really like seeing analog gauges move on acceleration!

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