New to this whole bike thing. 1979 honda cb650 build


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Hey everyone, new guy from Toronto here. Just bought my first ever bike (after years of wanting to), and am planning on turning it into something sweet.

Bought a 1979 Honda cb650 from the original owner. Bike starts, I even drove it into the truck when I was transporting it, but guy says it has a charging problem (voltage regulator?).

Anyways, I'm stripping it down right now with the help of the manual and will be starting the build in the next couple weeks. Nothing major, new bars, new brown leather seat, matte black paint job, those rubber fork cover things (don't you laugh!), grips and possibly gauges. Cosmetic stuff really.

And for all the tuning, rubbers and the safety I will bring it to a real mechanic. So if anybody knows a good certed mechanic around Toronto, let me know please.

Thanks, and I'll be posting pics of the build as soon as I start.
Welcome, let's see some pics

My current ride is the same, any questions just ask. I've learned quite a few lessons on this bike.
Ask Marika or Andrew at Town Moto. They also have lots of great stuff, both for your bike and for you. Their link is on the left, they are on Ossington north of Queen. I am in Cambridge and sort of out of touch with the Toronto scene.
welcome onboard mate sounds a good start to a project bonus when they run from the start ;D look forward to ya pics and build thread ;)
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