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Hello fellow customizers!

Name is David, I live in Centreville, VA. I can weld and wire just about anything. Not really into the "Cafe" style but I love anything to do with bikes.

Besides welding bikes I have also welded up a few custom trailers. Hit me up. I love chatting about bikes and goin out riding!

My toy list includes:

82 kz1000 I am doing a zx9 front end swap on possibly will be my first true "cafe" bike.

80 cb750c with CBR F2 rear wheel swap, using kz1000 front end for dual disc, did a total top end rebuild on her. Valves/rings/gaskets. Custom harness using car style ignition.

2003 Honda VT750 - Corbin Seat / Factory

2006 Kawi ZX6RR - Race ready

2009 Kawi 250R - Bought for my wife.


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I have two DOHC CB 750's in pieces, and my father had a KZ1000 when they were brand new. Very cool bikes.
kz1000 is coming along.

zx9r front usd forks, 98 zx6r swingarm with mono shock.


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Hey David, I'm over in Manassas and just started on a cb360T. Also looking at a Kz400.

Ping me when you have a chance, i'd love to shoot the shit and have ya do some welding for me in the future.

Working on finishing up the battery / electronics box also mocking up how I want to put the vapor gauge on. I have gone with something different just have not updated photos on that. Clip ons mounted and head light mounted.

Next need to make a custom harness, gonna wait till it is a little bit warmer so the wire is not so stiff.


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Magoogle said:
annnnnd.. I am moving back to NOVA in a month or so.

What part of Georgia did you move to?

Any updated pics of your bikes and works?
Hey not sure if you'd want to do something but I'm in falls church and working on a 74 cb550
I need advice on wiring and welding some hoops. Let's meet up!

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I'm in nova as well. You guys still working on those bikes? It's all warm and shit now......

I'm ready to ride

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