Newbie from Metro Phoenix - (although registered since 2014!!?!)


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Hey guys. I'll just do a brief intro here and dive into other project threads. Phoenix Metro area, SW USA. Mature rider with roughly half a million 2 wheeled miles behind me. Most on Japanese, but lots of British stuff in the 70's.

Currently have a shop full of bikes:
'75 CB750K5 - latest acquisition, fine example (cafe'd for now)
'78 CB750F - Needs restoration. On the back shelf
'78 GL1000 hot rod (don't laugh, was a labor of love and gets tons of comments)
'79 CBX Custom hot rod (purchased from orig owner who had MANY of them. This was his last. He's in his early 80s)
'82 CX500 Turbo (very needy but all there)
'83 Kawasaki Voyager - (Used to be a Voyager), now nekkid, Zyphyr tank, Shadow tail Dyna seat.
'85, '86 '90 Vmax(s) Yes, three. The '86 is a forever bike, the other two just passing through
'97 Valkyrie Bumblebee Tourer (bumblebees were only Std OEM, I converted it)

I like this joint because it spans a spectrum of machines and approaches to configuring them. Few (if any are original). I like that. Pretty much nothing I ever have stays "original". Blasphemous? Bah.

Good energy here. I like.


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Nice collection! Hope the tires aren't melting in the Phoenix heat. I expect to be there in September for a few days (working with Cable One on a project).


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Thanks guys. Like I said, I really dig the vibe around here. Speaking of the GL1000, here’s mine. You know, big girls need love too!


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