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Good evening

So as an ex biker (havent had a bike for 11 years now), gave the last one up, kids, family etc, im now looking at venturing back onto 2 wheels. I have had plenty of japanese sports bikes over the years, a v twin and even a Garelli Tiger 50 many moons back.

However i dont want that stuff anymore, i have been mulling on a cafe racer for a while, but this is all new to me. I cant build one as dont have a garage/workshop available so just wanted to buy one as first step, to try one and see how i get on. Hopefully in the future i may be able to get a place with a garage and then who knows.

Probably looking at budget of 4 to 5k to start, any tips or thoughts on bikes or in general would be appreciated.

That budget will get you something decent and modern. If you don’t have a shop you don’t want a clunker you have to work on like us masochists that hang out here. Maybe something like a T100 would work?
Let me suggest buying from one of the guys on here. Eveything I've seen local to me (East TN) has been way over-oriced or a dog turd. Even some of the bigger shops are producing very disappointing stuff. Another option is to consider an increase in the budget, and one of the factory cafe(ish) offerings like Enfield's.
For 5K maybe you could find a used "neo-cafe" bike, like an XSR700 or 900? Those things are a ton of fun and sounds like you could handle them
The new ducati scramblers can be found for a decent price used. I am a huge fan of an evo sportster, they can be made kinda cafe racer-ish but are just good overall bikes in my opinion.

I have seen the 20-teens triumph Bonnevilles for really good prices too.

If you're more in a vintage look you can have a second hand real close to new Royal Enfield 650 GT for that price, a friend got one and it's a fun bike a better quality than most people think
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