Newburyport MA area???


Coast to Coast
So everyone I know in the cafe world is at least an hour's ride away. Anyone within 20-30 minutes from Newburyport want to go for a blast? I have nothing to do this glorious labor day and am bored out of my mind.
I left a note on a CB550 cafe I saw in Newbury, but he never called. 87 views - no replies? Doesn't anyone want to be my friend???
Jjm4life said:
What the hell are you doing up there anyway? I thought you were in Allston

my girl lived in brighton. Now she lives in cambridge. I lived in dartmouth for law school and the bar exam was on the last day of my lease. Since Jay didnt want to pay for my apartment, I had to move up north to live with my parents pending my bar results till I get a real job. Living the dream - rent free, worry free (except for that silly bar)
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