NGK terminal cap nuts?


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I just received an order of 4 Iridium spark plugs that came with bare threaded terminals. I'm used to the terminals having cap nuts that pop into the spark plug boots. NGK customer service is sending me some after an email, but mentioned they no longer sell spark plugs with cap nuts and that I need to save mine.

Has anyone experienced this? If so, what is the new standard for a spark plug boot that I need to look for going forward with older Honda's?

irk miller

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Been that way for years. All NGK plug caps are made for the threaded spark plug stem without the nipple. If you always run NGK plug caps, you will always match. I keep all of my nipples in case I want to run caps made for them, but that isn't very often. Many, like Champion, have nipples that are cast on, you so can't unthread them. Those can't run the NGK caps.

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