No oil going to the rocker spindels


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Hi Guys.
I have no oil going to the rockers spindles.

I was out for a run on my 150cc ace. When I got back the engine stopped and refused to start again. I removed the rocker cover and found the inlet rocker completely seized. I then removed the head and barrel and checked the oil hole feed to the rockers on top of the right crank case, this was clear. I then put my air line on the holes in the rocker cover and theses were clear also.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

The bike has only done 250 mile I bought it off an 84 year old man with just 2 mile on it, who found when he got it delivered he couldn't bend his knees enough to get his feet onto the foot pegs . LOL. I have converted it into a race replica.



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1fasgsxr said:
Sure you had enough oil in the engine?

The CG clones are near bulletproof!

Some parts on the 'Ace' are less than great, but I've never heard of this sort of problem with the engine.



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I pulled the head off and lifted the barrel just enough to see the oil gallery that feeds the rockers. I spun it over on the electric start, no oil coming up the oil hole what soever. So it looks like a strip down to see what has happened to the pump.


irk miller

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What is the pickup situation on these motors? Is there a screen that can clog, or is the pump seized?

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