No wonder they went broke


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Just changing the front sprocket on my scrambler cause it revs way to high

5000rpm in top doin 50mph

What a pain in the arse , ten minute job on a jap bike , times 100 on a pommie shit box

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That's annoying. Can you at least peek through the back side of the case with a flashlight and mirror to inspect wear?


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Got to agree. Brit bikes are simple as in primitive. Who else would place the sludge trap inside the crankcase so you have to dismantle the entire engine to clean it?


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Yeah it's a cool bike and my favourite

But it seems like they went out of their way to make things hard for us

All part of the charm I spooze

I hate charm

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That is my I am reluctant to own another Brit bike. I love nearly everything about them until I start trying to repair or replace something. Then I wonder about the sanity of the designers. My next BSA is going to be powered by Honda!

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