Norton Combat Commando refresh


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I posted on my '72 Norton Combat Commando cafe racer some time ago; well, last year I sold it. The buyer commissioned me to replace the chrome wheels with shouldered alloy, and replace all the fiberglass bodywork with aluminum alloy; similar pattern, and add a tank-top parcel grid.


Specs as pictured:
Leo Goff (Memphis Motor Werks) engine build to very moderate improvement over standard Combat spec
ARD micro-electronic magneto (batteryless)
Dunstall Long Range tank and dualseat in Fiberglass
Clubman Racing Ducati SS style bikini fairing and adjustable mount system
Rearset footpegs & controls (unknown mfr)
Thomasselli adjustable clip-on handlebars
Norvin 13" fully floating rear brake w/ modern master cylinder & braided stainless hose
K&N dual-neck air filter, original Amal carbs re-jetted appropriately
MkIII Vernier adjustable stainless steel isolastic retrofit kit
Sparx 3-phase alternator & solid state regulator/rectifier
Sureflex clutch friction plates, and "stuffer" plain plate to optimize clutch actuation with light lever pull


Author, "Old Bikes"
The only man for the job is Evan Wilcox. He is the best, and his prices reflect that. Thankfully, the buyer understood, knew exactly what he wanted, and had the wallet thickness sufficient to the task.

Excel shouldered alloy wheels by Buchanans, the best...

(also new Avon Roadrider tires & tubes)

Initial test-fit of tank & fairing...

Fabricated a sidecover bracket...

Initial mock-up of seat after upholsterer finished...

Very unique, all leather, exactly as the client specified. Sort of 60s look...


Author, "Old Bikes"
Didn't want to use the new bodywork for start-up and test-riding (hadn't started or ridden the bike in a few years), so I used a temporary tank and a spare Norton seat...

Ugly, but effective.

Took a few kicks to get it to light off, then some sputtering and monkeying with the low speed mixture screws 'till it settled into a high, but decent idle. The memories came flooding back when I opened it up down the road, stretched my arms right out! Torque beast.


Author, "Old Bikes"
Took a while to get everything organized, properly align and drill all the holes, properly sandwich all the fasteners with rubber washers, etc.

I think by golly, this will do!

Still need to apply the tank & sidecover decals, and sort out the seat mounting and alignment...

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