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This ad is probably more for our Canadian members, as shipping to the US may be a bit steep. The sprockets are NOS, in the original package in most cases. They have JTF part numbers marked on them (see the photos), but some are from other manufacturers, so you may end up with a Renthal (or other) sprocket for your ride. Please check the JT sprockets website for fitment and make certain that you’re ordering the correct countershaft sprocket for your bike – I can only go on what the packages have been marked as and what you tell me you want.
JTF 253.14, JTF274.14 (Quantity 3), JTF278.16, JTF278.17, JTF295.15.
JTF328.12, 339.15 (Quantity 2).
JTF422.11, JTF422.13, JTF426.13, JTF432.12, 432.13 (Quantity 3), JTF432.15, JTF433.14, JTF440.15 (Quantity 2).
JTF517.17, JTF518.15, JTF564.12 (Quantity 3), JTF571.16, JTF579.16, JTF580.16 (Quantity 2).
JTF824.17, JTF1180.18, JTF1183.17, JTF1307.15, JTF1371.14, JTF1372.17, JTF1445.13, JTF1529.17, JTF1559.14 (Quantity 2), JTF1904.17, JTF3221.12 (Quantity 2).
There is also one AFAM front sprocket in its original package, listed as 16 tooth, 530 pitch, the mfg. label on the package says, “FZR1000, ’87-’95.
The sprockets are $15.00 Canadian each, but if you want to buy in quantity, email me and I’ll see what I can do as far as pricing.
Shipping is $15.00 Canadian to Ontario and Quebec addresses, but if you are making a bulk purchase, I’ll need to send you a shipping quote.
Email me with your postal code if you are in another province. I will ship to the US, but expect the shipping to be higher – send me your ZIP code and I’ll give you a shipping estimate. All sales are final.
Payment by etransfer / paypal / filthy lucre (cash) – no others.
Thanks for looking.


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