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Hey guys, i had been on the look out for a bike to do a bob chop to for quite a while. Was even considering buying one when i visit the US later this year and send it back home. Well all that has changed due to some good luck being thrown my way.
Managed to pick up an 1981 Kawasaki Z750 4 cyl. Still running although she's a bit rough to look at, she has potential.
here she is now,and this is my inspiration.

Thanks to the guy who owns this fine looking machine.

Take it to heart that a copy of your work will be running the streets of Sydney.


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Good foor you man. Glad you found a project. That said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE properly hardtail that bike and don't use the swingarm like your inspirational photo.



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this being my first, i want to try and keep it as simple as i can, the idea of using the swing arm for me is that at least the wheel will still be in the same lines as it should be. Most if not all work will be done in the home garage, so the less hassles i have the better.
is there any reasons beside looks, that i should do the full hard tail?


It would be like nailing a door shut and calling it a wall. In theory it works the same, but regular maintenance of your swing arm will still be necessary. Especially since it will remain static, you are just asking for all kinds of corrosion related problems.


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Thanks, i will take that on board, i will have to talk to someone who can weld and still keep things in line, cost will be the biggest issue for me.


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Look into pre made hardtail kits. Shipping costs to Australia may be a bit of a hinderance, but if you do your homework... I know I've shipped things to Aussie members for WAY cheaper than Ebay sellers or companies quoted them.

Anyhow, like Shamus said... There are still maintinence issues. There are also simple stress related problems you'll encounter. A swing arm "swings" as it were. That's how its designed to work. Start locking it in place and long story short, things can break. Hopefully a more eloquent member will chime in with a more educated description. Its very unlikely that anything will break apart on the road if built properly, but why take the chance?

Also, aesthetics play a part. It looks half assed. :)

Basically, the old "anything worth doing is worth doing right" adage is quite fitting here. Build it strong, build it safe, and build it to last. People were building motorcycles in sheds with tools so antiquated most of us couldnt figure out how to use them over 100 years ago. Least we can do is try and use what's available to us today to build some shit that's at least half as good as their old jalopies. ;)


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point me in the direction of some of your suppliers of Hardtail kits that i might be able to use. I have seen the kit form off ebay? too many bits for my likings, but if there was a premade hard to suit that bike frame, then i am all ears and eyes as it were.

this is why i joined this forum, so that people as yourselves would chime in and give me the low down on whats right and where i should steer the project.

thanks heaps right up front.


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Can you post up a pic of the bare frame? If you can find a good welder/fabricator it looks like perhaps one of the CB750 kits MIGHT work with some modification. An XS kit is a possibility. I don't know if anyone has made anything chopper related for the Kawasakis since they were new.

Here's a few kit ideas...


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Thanks VY. A starting point. as i get the bike stripped i will take more photos and pin them here. This is gonna be a long project, but at least i have this forum to lean on, Hope you guys have nice comfy shoulders. ;D


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That's why were here man. Really, it all comes down to the backbone and engine cradle. Depending on its configuration, it could be a relatively simple operation or it could be a nightmare...


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I know there are places that will pre-weld a Universal hardtail into your spec then send it out to you. All you gotta do from there is weld it up where the frame tubing meets up, just making sure its level eliminating the need for a frame jig.

Just seems to double or triple the cost of the hardtail kit...


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mate if you're in sydney check out.....
trojan motorcycles at belfield..... they sell hardtail kits, if u tack it up they can then get it proffessionally finish welded....
evolution motorsport..... @ brookvale...... paul could do the whole thing for you....
these guys could do it also in brookvale.....
these guys could prob do it too....they're in botany

i have no affiliation with any of the above but glad to help where i can.....
my 2cents....
getting a hardtail registered in nsw = p.i.t.a.
they fall under the category i.c.v (individually constructed vehicle) which means it must get an engineers cert.
so if you do some dodgy backyard hackjob the chances of getting it rego'd are slim to none.
not to mention you would be endangering your life...

i am nearly finished my kz750 twin bobber/brat thingy....
at first i wanted to hardtail it,
i got some lower shocks and was happy with that,

check the link in my sig down below if u want to get some good old zed inspiration...
im in sydney aswell, would be sweet to round up all the old kawa's one day for a blat through the park!


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Again MANY THANKS to all who have pointed me in the right direction.

Yes I am in Sydney, and have looked at the links provided, i like the idea of the hardtail kits, looks like an easy option and i have found another shop that is willing to help out, Fat57 Customs, they are just around the corner from where i live.

So things are looking up.

I will keep it all posted as the bruiser progress's



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Ordered my hardtail kit from the metal works site. Have spoken to Fat57 customs and they are willing to do the welding for me and they have an engineer who can sort out the RTA ( Roads and Traffic Authority) legalities. Know all i gotta do is get the bike home and start stripping her down.

More to come as i progress.


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VonYinzer said:
Good foor you man. Glad you found a project. That said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE properly hardtail that bike and don't use the swingarm like your inspirational photo.

I really hate to pile on here, but what the heck... also please don't follow the lead of your inspiration bike and eliminate the front brake! The largest percentage of braking on a motorcycle is done with the front brake; weight transfer and all that. It looks cool, but is very unsafe.


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The front brakes are a stayer no matter what. i have riden bikes in my younger days, old hondas, yammies, kwaka's even a Ural and an XS1100 with chairs attached.

This time tho, it is a project to keep me busy and keep my sanity from going out the window. Stress relief...

besides,,i think it is law here to have the front brakes...


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cool to see another aussie on here, cant wait to see you go for the hard tail.
i originally wanted a bobber hard tail too, but ive gone with the wrenchmonkees sort of look. we need to all go for a ride once done!


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